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some Refinery fuel...

some Refinery fuel...


#alchemy = #EXPERIMENTs

watsgreat world

3y3AM testing this voice recorder to see how it works, because my fingers are too fucking big for this little ass keyboard.

no bullshit.

alchemy is a science. It's an ancient science. I may have said this before but I'm going to keep repeating it. it seems very necessary. alchemists are generally responsible for creating solutions to help society evolve.

the society that we currently live in is not particularly alchemist friendly. why would anyone want to prevent society from evolving? evolution is supposed to be an important phenomena from a scientific perspective. in what civilized society would it be prudent to ignore science?

the point here is that this society, contemporary society, is not civilized. just for clarity, I'm saying this is not a civilized society. the basic elements of a civilized society or glaringly absent from the society that we live in today.

we do not have to live this way.

don't believe this. know this.

there have been, & will continue to be, groups of us who know this already. we have attempted to tell the general population what is going on for many generations. apparently listening is not encouraged.

please listen. change is the only universal constant. alchemy is all about change. this is a key element to the knowledge of self. change is inevitable. those who fight against change endeavor to oppose the universal flow of all things.

who in their right and civilized mind would do such a thing?


how many #alchemists does it take to #CHANGE a #LIGHT?

watsgood world...


those of you who actually watch & support wat the Refinery does may have noticed the recent emphasis on alchemy. if you know wat alchemy is, thas waup! it's all love. if you don't know watitis, thas still waup. it's still all love...

know this...

to the best of my knowledge, alchemy is an ancient Kemetic science. it exists throughout the world in various cultures. these teachings have been put in numerous languages, spiritual practices, etc.. the teachings at their core have told us to be mindful of the collective so that we as individuals & the collective  strive toward elevating & evolving.

so, watis alchemy?



the lean #fears

watsgood world. this is watitis. i identify self as an active creator. watdoes that mean?

it means if i'm not actively creating on a relatively regular basis i get stagnant & funky like a rotting carcass. i'm quite sure i've stated this before, but it bears repeating.

in my currently somewhat  limited travels, i'm beginning to notice this behavioral dynamic is quite common amongst creative huebeins. there are a lot of us who aren't particularly well treated by either society &/or supposed friends/family.

this is a fascinating thing to observe considering that those of us who manage to become creative heroes have a very common experience:

the lean years


it's that period where 1 is essentially broke as fuck, literally eating tuna out of cans & shit like that. it may seem that this is wat fam & friends are for supportwise, but for many of us, this is when those types bail like fields of hey WTF!

the trick as creator is to know how to say fuckit & keep it mega. those of us who can manage the lean years most fearlessly tend to see some most beautiful shit begin to happen. as highly emotional/expressive huebeins though, the wait through the lean season can be killer. in some cases, this is a literal thing.

support can often be the key factor between madness & outright innovative genius.

if you're reading this & you don't consider self a fellow active creator, keep an eye peeled for those creators in your life who are. support them as best you can so they can do their thing.


because active creators are very often natural healers & who doesn't need healing?

please fearlessly support the arts.



part of what the Refinery represents is a community building platform. the concept behind this platform is to bring together a collective of active creators who are from diverse disciplines yet have a relatively common interest as active creators in inspiring each other toward greater creative freedom & expression.

are there other collectives that perform this function? 3y3m sure there are, but i am not currently involved in any of them & i'm thinking there are a few other active creators who aren't either.

the point here is that instead of attempting to gain acceptance of/in an established collective, why not create 1 that doesn't require such energy to be spent. cliques can be quite boring & counterproductive in ways. i've never had a particular interest in them. there's usually too much ego w/certain cats & peeps like that do not respond well to being told about self.

i have no personal or professional interest in dealing w/cats who repeatedly & willfully refrain from being collectively accountable. apparently this is extremely difficult for those who are too self absorbed. how ironic that active creators seem to be emotional people in many if not all cases. vanity & emotional volatility often prevail in spaces better filled w/creative energy. the end result is a lack of much creative output.

why would i want that?

that said, to those who may be mutually interested in building an inpiring & encouraging collective, i'm always looking to build w/those who get the direction of the Refinery & find our movement is in a similar direction. the idea is to be active creators in an atmosphere where competition is w/self & improvement is the ultimate goal.

if any reader finds this concept appealing & is interested in building going forward, get at my inbox on facebook, or gmail:

Dayvt Vaune

please do not confuse this request for communication w/an invitation to spam me w/a whole bunch of bullshit &/or random submissions of media. yes, this is a solicited request, no, not everything that is perceived to be DOPE is...

so, please take the time check out the Refinery's various digital contributions & get a feel for the vibes. if there's still an interest besides pushing YOUR OWN material/content, then do inbox me w/a brief message expressing your level of interest in contributing to the building of this collective.

Keep It Mega

Always Be Building

Grind On Daily

PEACE calm...



6 months in & 3 months since the last this year is a bit long for a post...

i've been busy working on living more constructively. the more i do that the more space i have to be an active creator. the whole purpose of this endeavor is to share creativity. this is for self as a whole. the question of how self is defined is key. as a result of certain cultural studies that i have been exposed to, it is extremely clear how important collectives are. self as a whole is equivalent to all of us on the planet. this may seem grandiose, but we are all here to help each other live. our current social system often goes against this collective progress mentality.

observation seems to indicate very strongly that huebeins overall work best in groups. families are a great example. even the most innovative individuals ususally have some kind of team &/or support system that facilitates progress toward whatever goal. whenever & wherever we do not work together, we get what we get.

i don't know about the rest of you, but i dig working around & w/other creators. the inspiration is invaluable energy that seems to only come from being in the presence of other people who choose to embrace the freedoms of being an active creator. the term active creator distinguishes those who embrace being a creator from the general population of creators. ultimately we are all creators. some of us are just a bit more assertive about sharing our universal gifts as creators.

i've got ongoing projects that are still coming together. Soundcloud Saturday is still an active project. the format & presentation will be changing a little bit. there may be another post in the coming days about what i hope is a multimedia vehicle intended to get a more active exchange of ideas/content going.

the exchange of ideas/thoughts is so important to how we as a species make advances. actively creative minds innovate. you wouldn't be reading & i wouldn't be typing if this was not true...


PEACE calm...


the new is the old as the #UNIVERSE told...

if it isn't clear, i am a highly spiritual huebein. i'm not the least bit religious. i find little personal use for rigid &/or ritualistic practice in observing & maintaining my connection(s) to the metaphysical.

that said, i've been dealing w/life for the last few months in ways that required i leave some of these online activities be. my physical health was literally at risk. no details. things have improved & i'm getting back to my online grind.

i realized during the time away that i had been spending too much energy on developing an online presence at the expense of my biz in the physical world. sometimes we have to step back & away to see the light shine w/a more constructive perspective.

fortunately i continued to come up w/ideas & record them in various ways to flesh out later. i was also able to get a few more small pieces to add to the lab setup to make the creative process a bit more fluid for what the Refinery is doing. overall things are well.

setbacks, delays, unexpected circumstances...

they can be frustrating, but they're a part of life & life is all good when it's all lessons.

so, onward, upward, regardless of how slowly...

KIM & ABB...on the gRIND oN dAILY tip.

much thanks to all those who support!

PEACE calm...


the 1st nigger #IMAGINEthat

i grew up in the suburbs of Illadelph. South Jersey (SJ) to be exact. Edgewater Park & Willingboro to be specific. i often jokingly refer to SJ as East Illadelph because all of the broadcast media that shaped my thoughts as i grew came from Illadelph. i actually moved here when i was in my late teens & have spent my entire life as an adult in this beautiful city.

the majority of the huebeins i grew up around were European Statesians. my family did not have any Europeans in it, but the genetic influence of Europeans is clear on my egg donor side. it's possible that there is some American genetics mixed in there too, but that's not a topic for now.

the post Civil Rights era mentality of the African Statesians that i was exposed to essentially taught me that desegregation had worked. the incidences of racial hatred &/or prejudice were no longer prevalent as they used to be. the struggle for equality was effective. we were now enjoying the fruits of labor of the struggle.

this is the 1970's in the minds of the African Statesians that i grew up around.

somewhere along this path i had a European Statesian associate who was the son of 1 of my egg donor's associates. i would say we were friends back then. it's a lot easier to use the friends label when you're young. i'll call this associate Jim for the sake of this story. Jim & i used to spend the night at each others homes, play outside w/each other, & many of the other things that people do when they're social.

Jim & his family moved from SJ to Ohio in the mid to early '70's. Jim's family moved because his sperm donor worked for a franchise as a manager & they moved him around sometimes. this wasn't a big deal for me. i had other associates, & our egg donors kept in touch.

thanks to the our egg donors relationship, i got to experience my 1st plane flight. this was an amazing experience & i still have a great love for flight to this day. my egg donor & i flew from Illadelph to Ohio to visit Jim & his family. we stayed at Jim's house. if i recall correctly, this was for the Christmas holiday that year.

as i was told by my egg donor, Jim's sperm donor was prejudiced. he seemed to hold himself together relatively well when we were around, but who knows how he acted when we weren't there. i was told that he could be abusive to Jim's egg donor. i'm not sure if that meant mentally, physically, or both. Jim grew up in this environment. it had an effect on our interactions.

1 evening Jim & i were playing & things got a little heated. i suppose we were arguing over a toy or some rules of play & Jim decided he was angry enough to call me nigger.

this was the 1st time i was ever called nigger by a European Statesian to my face.

i told my egg donor & Jim's family what happened. Jim's egg donor was embarrassed as i can recall, but i don't quite recall his sperm donor's reaction. i don't recall if they beat him or not. i know i got beating for incidents like this, but this wasn't my incident.

we continued to stay at Jim's house until we left & my egg donor stayed in contact w/Jim's. the 2 of them maintained their relationship for many years after that as well. Jim & i did not stay in contact. it has nothing to do w/this incident though.

i haven't forgotten this 1st nigger.

there have been many since. usually not to my face about me, but European Statesians yelling out nigger in passing has been relatively common in my personal experience. in fact, at Trenton State College, if you passed the Travers & Wolfe dorms on certain occasions, you could hear nigger yelled at you from the cover of dark windows. this was in the late '80's to early '90's.

the most recent of these incidents was at an event here in Illadelph. a drunk European Statesian was complaining about the presence of young African Statesians on South Street. ironically, he had interrupted a relatively spiritual conversation i was having w/a huebein who was from 1 of the countries in Central America. this drunk dude didn't seem to care that he was talking to someone who looked like 1 of the niggers he decided to complain about. this was in October '12.

the word nigger is definitely not foreign to me as an African Statesian...

PEACE calm...


#CREATORs r #TIMEtravelers

when you have goals that are so large that they may extend beyond your physical being/existence, you have to look at life in a way that pieces progress into its necessary steps. this requires a good deal of planning & organization (p & o). if you're in an environment that is not conducive to p & o, there's that much more work that needs to be done.

paying dues is equivalent to the work needed to handle p & o regardless of environmental conditions.

managing frustration levels in detrimental environments is a matter of creator survival.

some make it, some don't. some cats come out scarred but stronger walking on their own 2, others get tangled in the crutches they use to hobble through the difficulties many huebeins face in life.

perception/perspective orientation is key. those who tend to be more - seem to be more likely to create issues as opposed to solutions.

more + = more solutions = more success

success as defined here is the accomplishment of creator goals, not the concept of accumulation of artificially valued physical objects.

the question at the end of the day/journey is how far did the collective self progress as a result of an individual creator's contribution to the creation of + change?

the answer can be found in reflection...

PEACE calm...


watuknobout #HISTORY & #INNOVATION?

IMHO(bservation) it would appear that many creators are afraid to express new ideas. this is kind of fucked up when you consider that those who actively create are likely the best source of new concepts. this is not to say that all new ideas are valid, but how do we determine validity through consideration w/o the initial creation?

what is the context of this supposition?

the fact that being a creator requires certain services in a capitalist society is inescapable. if you as a creator decide to predominantly use OPM (other people's $$$), then there is always the weight of being a creator w/strings.

the idea of being the puppet of your benefactors is likely highly offensive, but the truth is that people who are disturbed by &/or have comprehension issues w/whatever it is you create are not likely to contribute to the success of the creation process.

so, what does an active creator do?

some choose to self-censor &/or dilute...

others say fuck it & quit...

a few say fuck it & just do watitdo regardless.

creators from this last group have to possess a certain fearlessness. you just won't do well if you're constantly worrying about who may be offended by your expression. some cats are overly offended for reasons primarily associated w/personal ignorance.

how is that the creator's responsibility?

should you as a creator allow this to inhibit/influence
your expression?

is this a capitalist society?

if you're going to go the fearless route, be persistent & patient. identifying an audience that respects the truth & creative freedom is not something that is going to be easy. it is important to consider that the majority of huebeins seem to only prefer to hear the truth when it is favorable, & a similar number seem to be very poor at observing the truths of self.

there are a few examples of creators who seem to  have freely expressed their ideas & still managed to create their path.

the choice is always ours...

remember to SUPPORT watudig!

PEACE calm...


elements of a playlist... #MUSIC = #LIFE

my environment is not the most organized at the moment...

1 of the things that helps me maintain order in my life is music. it's 1 of the reasons why broadcast radio is a relatively unpleasant listening experience for me. if i'm working & the flow of the music is constantly be interrupted by irritating commercials attempting to tell me that my life is artificially inadequate, how am i supposed to get anything done?

since my music collection is as i've maintained it over the years, i don't have to worry much about listening to the same shit over & over again until it becomes bland to me. i've got enough lovely sounding flavas that i can put on whatever i'm feeling & blam out to it until i change my vibes.

there is a room at the rest that serves as my office, but i generally tend to work throughout the house. the room i work in most is where other people tend to sleep. since i often do not sleep at all, i work in the bedroom quite a bit. i figure working is better than stressing about not being asleep.

i've been planning to organize the space better so i can do some studying & today is the day. i setup a playlist on my media player so i don't have to run back & forth to the office to change the music.

these are the artists for the mission of the day:

Tha Liks
Masta Ace
The Beatnuts
Black Sheep
Pete Rock & C.L. Smooth
Public Enemy
Blahzay Blahzay
Digable Planets
MC Shan
Ultramagnetic MC's
Cypress Hill
Jungle Brothers
Sadat X
Rasheed Chappell
Biz Markie
Diamond D
Brand Nubian
Sean Price
Big Daddy Kane
MC Lyte
Organized Konfusion
Craig Mack
Schoolly D
Gang Starr
Ghostface Killah
King Tee
Dr. Dre
A Tribe Called Quest

took a bit longer to set up this playlist than i intended, but the lack of interruptions will be well worth it!

PEACE calm...